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Borrowing Books - Digital Talking Books

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      Picture of the digital talking bookDigital Talking Books (DTBs) are available from the Library and provide titles in a convenient audio format. Features include:

      • Flash-memory cartridges
      • Entire book on one cartridge
      • No rewinding
      • Superior sound quality

      The first DTBs were received in May, 2009. New titles continue to arrive to build up the collection. This is a great opportunity to expand your reading interests and try different authors or subjects!

      BARD: The National Library Service Braille and Audio Reading Download

      Another option for accessing Digital Talking Books is by downloading them from the NLS BARD website. Over 15,000 titles are available. Once you have downloaded a book to your computer, you can transfer it to a flash-memory “jump” drive, to a personal book cartridge (available for purchase soon), or directly to a third-party player, such as the Victor Reader Stream.